Determining criteria for refereeing leadership among basketball referees


  • A. Lecturer Hussein Hamza Jawad, A. Prof. Raad Abdel Amir Finjan, A. Prof. Dr. Salam Mohamed Hamza


Refereeing leadership, basketball referees.


Abstract. The research aims to prepare a referee’s leadership form and determines criteria for the referee’s leadership form for basketball referees. The descriptive approach using the survey method and normative studies is used in this research. The research community were determined by the working referees that accredited and registered in the records of the Central Basketball Federation in Iraq, whose numbers are (84) referees distributed among the three arbitral scores (international, first and second). The research sample were chosen by a comprehensive inventory method, and the referee’s leadership form consisted of (21) vertebrae representing (6) dimensions, namely (fitness, public health, cooperation and commitment, arbitration mechanics, match management, diagnosing errors, and diagnosing violations). The arbitration leadership of basketball referees were evaluated by the (5) technical observers of the matches. Five standard levels were extracted from the sample. Among the results that the research came out with is that the referee’s leadership form proved its validity and ability to assess the referee’s ability level of leadership for the basketball referees. One of the recommendations that came out of the research is the importance of the adoption of the referee’s leadership form prepared by researchers by the Central Basketball Referees Committee to evaluate the performance of basketball referees.