The effect of reverse-pressure training on developing speed endurance and defensive positions for advanced futsal players


  • Asst Lecturer Mustafa S. Aboob, Prof. Dr. Ayed Hussain AbdulaAmeer, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mooyd Abd Ali




The Reverse-pressure exercises are considered the most important training methods that contribute effectively to the development of the physical levels and skills of the players because of the fast and strong performances they contain which is similar to play in the competition, and which work on developing the endurance of speed and defensive positions significantly on the players, whose positive impact is reflected during the competition, and since defensive skills are the cornerstone of the game of futsal football. The research focused on developing these skills through reverse-pressure exercises that serve defensive skill work. The physical and skill abilities of futsal players, as this research aimed to identify the effect of reverse-pressure training sessions on the development of endurance of speed and defensive positions of futsal applicants. The research imposes a statistically significant effect between the pre and the post tests of the experimental group in endurance speed and defensive positions. For the applicants in the football halls and in favor of the post test, the researcher uses the experimental curriculum that contains two equivalent groups (pretest and post-test) to make it more suitable for the experimental groups. The research concludes that reverse-pressure exercises have a positive effect on endurance of speed and defensive positions for futsal players. Playing with futsal players.