Social Change Strategy on Mohammad Natsir's Perspective


  • Maruly Hendra Utama, Yulianto, Hasan Mukmin, Fitri Yanti


da’wah, Moh. Natsir, social change strategy


This study aims to analyze the idea of Moh. Natsir's da'wah by using social change theory. The method used was descriptive analysis that analyzed studies and the da'wah model used by Moh. Natsir. As a result, the concept of Moh. Natsir's da'wah used verbal, written and action strategies which were strategies dominantly used in Natsir's da'wah. The researcher argues that such a da'wah strategies would create social changes on socio-religious, interaction and even bureaucratic environment. Moh. Natsir also initiated this strategic da'wah in three scopes, namely: mosques, Islamic boarding schools, and universities which are places for very complex social interaction and can legitimize his ideas. A great commitment to this effort is a real action of an actual da'wah activity, because it can change social life with its actions. Da'wah held with the spirit of "bi al-ḥikmah" (with wisdom) is a method or tactic of da'wah that is needed in dealing with various social problems that exist in society.