Inheritance of Character Values of the Figure of King Daeng Tojeng in Local Practice of Ethnic Malays: Hermeneutics Studies


  • Rustam, Hastian


Storybooks, Self-identity and Local Wisdom


This study aims to explore the hidden values ​​of local ethnic Malay wisdom. Educating youth by instilling the meaning of local wisdom values ​​to realize their authenticity as ethnic Malay youth. The focus of the problem in this study is on the attitude of adolescents who do not recognize the inheritance of local wisdom values ​​to influence their behavior and lifestyle. Hedonists among teenagers have consumptive behavior and follow the trend of idol figures leaving teenagers. Adolescence is characterized by a tendency towards identity, Identity Confusion. The paradigm in this research is social constructivism, with a focus on the nature of continuous and structured change. The method in this study uses a Hermeneutic type approach, examining the text and context of Malay ethnic local wisdom. The validity of the system used is Triangulation, Intersubjectivity Validation, and peer review. The findings of this study are the value of identity affirmation including ethnic identity, religious identity and occupational identity. The value of affirming the identity of teenagers is discussed by students through the help of storybook media