Climate change and its impact on soil moisture or water content change(1950-2020)soil of north of Baghdad as an specimen(GIS،RS)


  • Dr. Maysoon Taha Mahmoud Al Saady


Solar radiation - water soil content - rain behavior - relative humidity - chemical analysis.


Soil temperature has characteristics that differ from the temperature of the air layer near the surface of the earth, even if the temperature of this layer affects the soil temperature to a large extent through the temperature that exceeds in importance most of the other elements of the climate affecting the life of the plant. The movement of water in it, and the study deals with knowing the effect of climate changes on changing the water content of the soil and the effect of that on the properties of the soil and the changes that occur on the soil as a result of changing its moisture content, as well as studying the behavior of water in the soil and determining the size and shape of the spread of moisture at each regulation, as there are many assumptions on which it is based The study, which leads to familiarity with all the contents of the study, as the causes of the natural changes witnessed in Iraq in general and northern Iraq in particular, and the study assumes that the change in the water content of the soil came as a result of the climatic changes in the region, and the research aims to study some of the physical and moisture characteristics of the soil and to identify its water content And determine the form of moisture spread and the size of the spread of moisture and the effect of agricultural operations on changing soil water content in addition to identification On the water reserve of soil, which affects the availability of the nutrients required by the plant, the study has produced an analytical approach based on the analysis of a number of climatic factors that have a significant impact on the behavior of soil moisture in the study area as well as the descriptive analytical method to determine the current situation and future perception of climate changes And its effects on the change of soil water content.