Creative leadership and its relationship to the administrative performance of specialized supervisors from the point of view of physical education teachers in the governorate of Babylon


  • Amir Ali Daeef , Prof. Dr. Saddam Muhammad Farid




The research challenge is in developing a key research question, which is (What is the relationship between creative leadership and administrative performance of educational supervisors from the perspective of physical education teachers?

The research aims were (developing measures of creative leadership and administrative performance for specialist supervisors. Identifying the relationship between creative leadership and specialized supervisors' administrative performance.

The second chapter discusses the study method, as well as the research community and its sample. This community was split into two sections: preparation samples and experimental samples. The circumstances for creating and preparing standards, exploratory experiments, main experiments, and statistical methodologies were all utilized by the researcher.

The third chapter consists only of presenting and discussing the findings that demonstrate the correlational relationships between the creative leadership scale and its relationship with the administrative performance scale for specialized teachers. The findings revealed that specialist supervisors lack the necessary level of creative leadership as well as administrative performance. The recommendations were (the importance of implementing the researchers' standards of creative leadership and administrative performance. The requirement for competent supervisors to establish and expand their creative and administrative abilities.