The Impact of Recreational Activities in Learning some Basic Football Skills for Students


  • Masters student .Muhammad Saad Mardan, Prof. Dr. Rafid Abdel Amir Nagy




   The importance of the game of football as it occupies a popular space in the world among sports, its importance in developing special programs for the promotion and development of this game at an early date, and that one of the main things is to improve the skill aspect, which is  The basis for the success of this game is because the skills in the position of performance in football, and thus the sports base has expanded, as well as the detection of talented early  It is diverse and is particularly important in promoting and maintaining the basic skills of various sports.  Recreational activities are one of the most important things that people tend to, and that individuals submit to them with longing and enthusiasm.  The participants in it to obtain a peak of happiness and satisfaction so that they benefit from several activities , including physical health, social, cultural and artistic, according to the type of activity carried out. Hence the importance of the research and based on the foregoing, recreational activities aim at the psychological happiness that he needs  Every individual, regardless of gender, color, creed, and psychological happiness is a source of a balanced life. Recreational activities have a distinct position in making life balanced between work and rest, complementary in its meaning, increase in its splendor through recreation, and become brighter and more joyful in what the effectiveness of recreational activities achieves in raising the level of skill and psychological state .  By directing and treating many psychological problems for many groups of society, it is necessary to study the importance of activating the role of  Recreational activities in achieving psychological happiness, which can be reflected in the learning of some basic football skills for students.