The effect of a curriculum based on variety of educational environments on learning the technical performance of the Triple jump event for students


  • Mohammed Adnan Hassan, .P.D Ali Attieh Dakhil, A.P.D Sana Abd Al Amir Abd


educational environments: Those factor that affect the teaching process and contribute to creating a suitable climate for good interaction in a way that facilitates the process of teaching and learning and makes it easier for the teacher to play voles (Suhaila Mohsen Al-Fatlawi, 2005, P.65) .


       Trying to in rest educational environment provided by the college through  it,s electronic  educational platform(Google classroom) .It is a serious attempt to link the real between diverse educational environments includes synchronous and asynchronous e-learning and finding a specific formula to link it with the present and realistic environment . The aim of the research is to find out . The effect of a curriculum based on a variety of educational data as a well as identifying the preference of differences between the two groups in learning the technical performance of the effective ness of the triple jump. As for the research procedures, an educational curriculum has been prepared that exploits the main Part of the main unit, and the third chapter dealt with the presentation and analysis of research data and the use of appropriate statistical means to find results and reach the achievement of research hypotheses. As for the fourth chapter, it was concerned with the conclusions and recommendations that were developing the control and expert mental groups in the technical performance test for the effective ness of the triple jump. The experimental group showed greater arithmetic means than the control group in the triple jump test in the post test. As for the recommendations, it was the possibility of applying the approach used by the researcher in learning The effectiveness of the triple jump. The possibility of using this approach after it was modified on other games to learn the basic skills in them .