The effect of preparatory games on learning some playersskills in basketball for ages (10-11 years)


  • Masters student.Muslim Abdullah Matar, Asst Lecturer. Dr. Haider Mahmoud Abboud


1. Introductory Games: Introductory games are a branch of sports activity and they do not need playgrounds with special means and not internationally fixed systems and rules. They are games that are characterized by fun and pleasure and are suitable for both sexes and all ages (Ikram Muhammad Abdel Hafeez. 1976. p. 13 )


Using the usual methods of learning is described by the usual routine  and lack of encouragement of the learners’ desirein the right way , especially in the early stages of learning, besides the  difficulties in performance, lack of sufficient experience and lack of  abilities to assist them in the process of skillful learning in basketball.Research objectives (preparing a set of preparatory games for basketball players, to identify the effects of the preparatory games on some skills of basketball players).The second part is the testing research method and the research community, which is determined by the cub's players in the Governorate of Babylon, and the sample was chosen in an easy chance way from the players of the Sports Talent Care Department in Babylon as group of an experimental, while groupof the control is  players of Al-Hilla Sports Club. The movement and some basic skills were identified and tested, and the selected appropriate statistical means.