Dual Feed Φ-Shaped Patch Antenna For 5G Applications


  • Govardhani Immadi, M. Venkata Narayana, A. Navya, P. Anusha


In wireless communications, microstrip antennas play a dominant role because of their light weight, small size, and the ease of fabrication. In this paper, a Dual Feed Φ-shaped patch antenna is proposed for 5G applications. The Dual Feed Φ-Shaped Patch Antenna has a resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz with return loss -21.2dB, gain 4.41 dB and directivity 4.682. The designed antenna uses FR4 material with overall size of 55x55x1.6 mm and it is designed and simulated by using HFSS. The results explain that the Dual Feed Φ-Shaped Patch Antenna has favorable characteristics for 5G applications.