Assessment of Nurses-physicians Perception towards their Relationship: A Comparative Study


  • Abbas Fadhel Jassim, Dr. Hussein Alabrahemi, Dr. Khamees bandar obaid


Nurses, Physicians, Relationship.


Background: Health care team relationship and collaboration increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the practice, as well as patient outcomes. Aims: The purpose of this study is to investigate the perception of nurses and physician regarding their relationship in pediatrics Hospitals/ Babylon, Iraq.

Methods: A comparative study is conducted in Baghdad Province at the pediatric hospitals. A non probability convenience of 390 nurses and 107 physician participated in the study. The reliability of the questionnaire was achieved through a pilot study and then presented to experts to prove its credibility. The data were collected by using self-report techniques method and analyzed through the application of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis.

Results: Findings show that the mean age for nurses is 27, the age 20-29 years old were recorded the highest percentage among nurses (83.3%) and the mean age among physician is 34, the age 30-39 years old were recorded the highest percentage among physician (37.4%), the female were predominated among nurses (80%), compared with male among physician (60.7%), both nurses and physician had been 5 to 10 years of experience (70% and 45.8%) respectively, most of nurses work at words (80%) and most of physician work at emergency department (53.3%). Findings indicate that the nurse-physician perception related to relationship was demonstrate at M ± SD= 36.69 ± 5.135 among nurses and M ± SD = 29.05 ± 2.935 among physician. There were highly significant difference in perception towards relationship with regard to nurses (M ± SD= 2.03±0.285) and physicians (M ± SD=1.61±0.163) at p-value <0.01.

Conclusion: Nurses expressed a more cooperative than the physicians, and physicians expressed a negative perception towards nurses-physician collaboration due to do not understand the roles of nurses at work. Hospital Administration need to be establishing programs to enhance the communication between nurses and physicians through these programs they understand and improving collaborative relationship between nurses and physicians through understand each other’s roles.