Strategies for Motivating Technicians in the Industrial Business Sector of Thailand


  • Pheanpha Lamesawan, Surathan Parapornpisut, Bundit Lamesawana, Worravit Kultangwattanad, Narong Toothong, Noppadol Chanayothin, Chatchawarn Mongkhon, Romtheera Jiravibhusetha, Wannee Sananwatananont, Duangdej Yuaikwarmdee


Labour is factor of production and human capital that is important for both economic development and national development In the context of the Thai industrial sector, technicians are especially important. Therefore, the problem of the turnover of technician level workers is equally concerning. The purpose of this research is to study the strategies to motivate technicians in the Thai industrial business sector and further develop it into a structural equation model. The study conducted both qualitative and quantitative surveys of over 500 technician level operators in the field of labour management in the industrial sector. The results reveal that the strategies to motivate technicians in the Thai business sector consist of four focus areas: (1) working environment (2) learning organization (3) performance indicators and (4) motivating operation. This paper utilizes the method of structural equation modelling (SEM) to establish strategies to motivate technicians in the Thai Industrial Business Sector. The results of the analysis of the developed structural equation model found that it passed the assessment criteria.