Fundamentals of Privatization of the Criminal Justice System: Focusing on the Execution of Punishments


  • Mehdi Haji Ahmadi, Seyyed Mahdi Ghoreishi, Siamak Jafarzadeh


In recent years, the private sector has a significant role in advancing government programs. The reasons for privatization are the reduction of administrative bureaucracy, reduction of government costs and downsizing government. The criminal justice system is aware of using the capacities of the private sector in managing crime and criminals. On the one hand, governments use the capacity of the private sector to technically prevent and reduce crime. On the other hand, the extension of population of prisoners and the inability of governments to manage them led the private sector to aid governments. This article explains the scope of private sector's intervention in the criminal justice system with a focus on the execution of punishments. In addition, it should investigate the use of capacities of the Iranian criminal justice system in applying the private sector in the execution of punishment.