Effect of Plyometric and Circuit Training on Selected Physical Variables Among Cricket Players of Rajamahendravaram City Andhra Pradesh State


  • Dr V.V.M.U.Phaneendra


Cricket players, Plyometric, Circuit Training etc


The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of plyometric and Circuit training on selected physical variables among Cricket players of Rajamahendravaram city in AP State. To achieve this purpose, forty-five Cricket players in the age group of 16 to 20 years those who have participated in the district and state tournament for the year 2019 taken as subjects. The selected forty-five subjects were divided into three equal groups of fifteen each as two experimental groups and one control group, in which group – I (n=15) underwent plyometric training for three days per week for Twelve weeks, group – II (n=15) underwent the Circuit Training for three days per week for Twelve weeks and group – III (n=15) acted as control who are not participate any training apart from their regular activities. The selected Physical variables such as abdominal strength, speed and leg explosive power were assessed before and after the training period. Sit Up Test, 50 M Dash and Standing Broad Jump are the Tests were used to conduct the pretest and posttest for Measuring the Physical Variables such as Abdominal Strength, Speed and explosive power of legs. The results of the study it was found that there was a significant difference of performance due to Plyometric and circuit training when compared with the control group.