A Study on Analysing Customer Satisfaction with Reference to Big Bazaar, Vijayawada


  • B. Suresh, D. Prasanna Kumar


In the midst of stiff and fierce competition and increased number of retail outlets providing a variety of products, customers have become accustomed to patronizing multiple outlets. Retailers have recognized this trend and are of the view that customer satisfaction plays a role in the success of business strategies. Therefore it has become important for retail stores to try and manage customer satisfaction. This paper was thus developed to investigate the satisfaction levels of customers of retail outlets with reference to Big Bazaar, Vijayawada. Data was collected from the customers who were visiting the store. The study examined the importance of overall dimensions and specific elements of customer satisfaction towards the measurement of satisfaction levels. Customer satisfaction levels were measured. The highest percentage of customers of the whole sample belonged to high level of satisfaction. The results showed that customer sfeltsatisfied with Location, Staff courtesy and Price, Variety of products, promotional offers as the top aspects that drive satisfaction.