The Use of Folk Pedagogy in the Moral Education of Younger School Children


  • Gizatullina Klara Kharisovna, Ishkildina Zulfiya Karimovna, Abdullina Lilia Bakirovna, Samsitova Luisa Khamzinovna, Karabaev Munir Idelovich


This study is devoted to the actual topic of the use of folk remedies in the practical activities of teachers. The authors describe the course and results of an experimental study on the use of folk remedies in the moral education of primary schoolchildren. The researchers evaluated the developed special set of measures for the moral education of children. It is important to give a brief theoretical overview of the sources, highlighting the relevance of the problem by the authors. The practical orientation of the study, the results of which may be of interest to teachers and psychologists, parents, students, and postgraduates involved in the problems of moral education of children is of particular importance. The results of the study can be used in the development of courses on relevant topics.