Conceptual Analysis of the Concept "Money" in Linguoculturology


  • Zakirova DiloromYuldashevna, Erdanova Sevara Anvarovna, Ishankhodjayeva Feruza Abduboriyevna, Khamrayeva Shahlo Shuhratovna, Umaraliyeva Mohira Nosirqizi


This work is carried out in line with conceptological studies devoted to the relationship between language, consciousness and culture. This article will examine the formation and development of the concept of "money" in linguistic culture. The relevance of the work is primarily due to the process of global integration taking place in the modern world, as well as the growing interest in ethnocultural issues. In the course of the research, the method of analysis was used to define and concretize the concept of "linguocultural concept"; systemic method in the study of the relationship between language and culture; a comparative method in order to identify common and different features in the development of the concept of "money" in linguistic culture.