Year-Round Use of Irrigated Land


  • Zhumaboev Zukhriddin Muminovich


Year-round use of the plowed hectare in light gray soils of the Andijan region by sowing complex 4-component mixtures of winter intermediate crops of winter triticale + rapeseed + vetch + peas and winter triticale + rapeseed + peas + oil radish with subsequent sowing of soybean for grain, where the maximum yield is ensured grain -29,0 and 28,1 c/ha and green mass of straw – 523,5 and 541,0 c/ha. The yield of fodder units was, respectively, 13340 and 13380 kg/ha and of digestible protein – 2302,2 and 2300,0 kg/ha, significantly increasing the protein content, improving the quality of fodder.