Issues and Challenges faced by Start-up entrepreneurs in Gujarat


  • Mr. Maulin Shah, Dr. Ashish B. Joshi, Dr. Ashvin Dave, Dr. Tejas Dave


Entrepreneurial problems, obstacles in entrepreneurship, success factors


Entrepreneurship is the growth engine for the GDP of any country. It is simply not possible to provide jobs to every citizen, but it is comparatively very plausible to engage a select few percentage of population in entrepreneurship. This will eventually result in the creation of further employment. Many economies including Indian economy is boosting entrepreneurship at various possible levels and methods. However, unless the problems faced by entrepreneurs on ground level are identified and solved, this process can never be made effective. A study was conducted by IBM institute to find out the rate of success of entrepreneurships in India. They found that ninety percent of Indian start up close down within the first half decade of their operations. This paper tried to identify and understand the causes and the probable solutions for these problems from the entrepreneurs themselves