Physical Violence against Children: Causes and Remedies


  • Hafiz Muhammad Aslam Khan, Muhammad Manzar Ehsan, Irfan Jafar


Child, punishment, permissible, regulation, limit


It is a natural principle in the world to reward good performance and punish bad performance or violation of rules and regulations. But children deserve love because the law and their weakness do not bind them. Therefore, it is permissible to punish children for violating the rules and regulations during education and training. But Shari'a has set limits on punishing children. Because without limits and restrictions of anything, there is a danger of extremism. It is not permissible to beat a child with a stick as punishment. However, it is permissible to hit up to three numbers by hand. But it is not permissible to beat so hard that it marks or injures the body of child. It is also not permissible to slap a child in the face. It is also forbidden to punish a child beyond his means