The Effect of Learning English on Learning the Arabic Language among Students of the First Four Grades from the Point of View of their Teachers and their Parents in Jordan


  • Prof. Akram Adel Al-Bashir, Dr. Mahmoud AlKhaza'leh


This study aimed to find out the effect of learning English on learning Arabic for students of the first four grades from the point of view of their teachers and parents in Zarqa Governorate. To achieve the objectives of the study, two scientific research tools were built. The first tool consisted of 25 paragraphs and was applied to (228) male and female teachers who teach Arabic and English for first four grade-students in the schools of First Zarqa Directorate in thescholastic year (2020/2021). The second tool was an interview that consisted of (10) questions that were presented to (30) parents. To achieve the goal of the study, means and standard deviations were calculated, and one-way analysis of variance was found. The results of the questionnaire showed that the degree of impact on early basic grades-students learning the second language (English) on acquisition the Mother Tongue (Arabic) from the point of view of the teachers of the first four grades ranged between medium and high negatively, despite the desire of parents to teach their children the English language at the primary level. The results also showed statistically significant differences at the significance level (0.05) between the average teachers' responses due to the type of school. The results did not show any statistical differences according to the teacher's gender or years of experience. In light of these results, the study recommended a number of recommendations.