Role of Yoga and Deep Breathing Exercises on Stress Management Among Young Adults


  • Rahul Kumar, Pramod Kumar Sahu, Shahiduz Zafar, Kriti Agarwal, Narendra Kumar, Chhavi Sharma


Background:Stress is considered a physiological reaction of an organism where diverse defence mechanisms comes into play confront a situation which is perceived as threatening or of increase demand.

Purpose: The Aim of this study is to compare the role of yoga and deep breathing exercises on stress management among young adults.

Materials and Methods: A sample size of 30 (n=30) subjects were taken and they were divided into two groups. Group 1 yoga (n=15) and the Group 2 Deep Breathing (n=15). The first group performed yoga they were do yoga for the duration of 20min/session. The total duration of this intervention is 10 sessions of yoga and the second group do deep breathing for the duration of 20 minutes (10breathes/min).

Result: Yoga and Deep Breathing both showed significant reduction in level of stress. But it observed that yoga showed more reduction in stress as compared to deep breathing among young adults.

Conclusion: Both yoga group and deep breathing exercise group showed reduction in stress of the participants. However, yoga group showed more improvement as compared to deep breathing exercises group.