Formation and Development of the Uzbek Cinema Art


  • Askarov, Aziz Asenbaevich


In this scientific article were analyzed the process of formation and development of the Uzbek cinema art.

The ways of developing of the Uzbek cinema art, the movies that were created during the period of the Uzbek cinema establishment, the subsequent image resolution, and the skills of the operator are analyzed in the research. Additionally, article studies the quality of feature films made during the soviet period by “Uzbekfilm” movie studio and the level of artistic excellence of the films, the image resolution of the films, the skills of the operators, and the influences of the quality of the feature films.

Also, the article is dedicated to a period when Uzbek poetical cinema has occurred, as well as creative activities of great director of that time like A.Khamrayev, cameramen D. Fatkhullin, Y. Klimenko and others. Such films like "White, white storks", "Man follow birds" were analyzed in the article. And is made attempt to define peak of skill of camera art of protruding cameramen of Uzbek's cinema.