The Influence of Linguistic Intelligence-Based Activities on the Speaking Ability of Iraqi EFL Learners


  • Taif Abdulhussein Dakhil, Amani Akramyahya


The current study looks on the impact of linguistic intelligence-based exercises on the speaking skills of Iraqi EFL students. This study included 43 male and female homogeneous Iraqi speaking EFL learners who were separated into experimental and control groups. Nelson placement test, multiple intelligence test, pretest, therapy, and posttest were the tools employed. The results showed that linguistic-based exercises had a substantial influence on the speaking skills of Iraqi EFL learners. Furthermore, the results showed that there is no significant difference in speaking ability between males and females following training activities linked to linguistic intelligence in control and experimental groups.The findings recommend that all EFL teachers think about the function of MI in the classroom and provide more effective exercises to assist students enhance their English language speaking abilities. The findings' potential implications for training public speaking have been examined.