Fractal Measurement of Human Bodies by Calculating Boxes


  • Sh. U. Urakov, H. N. Zaynidinov, I. Yо Shamatov, J. S. Jabbarov


This article is devoted to determining the fractal structure and fractal size of human organs. A detailed description of the different methods of determining the dimensions of human organs with a fractal structure is given.In the article, fractal size, fractal structure, properties of human organs were determined using Mandelbrot-Richardson measurementor box calculation method. The fractal structure of the lung, a human organ, was also studied by comparing the fractal structure of tree branches.In particular, the fractal measurements of the human lung, tree branches, fractal measurements of the vascular systems of the human retina were calculated.Most studies used fractal scale only in relation to geometric shapes. In this article, the fractal properties of the human body are studied on the basis of special mathematical formulas.An appropriate number of experimental results are given to calculate fractal measurements. Based on the methods of calculating fractal measurements, the analysis of fractal measurements of the vascular system of patients was evaluated, widely used to describe human vascular networks in various diseases, and instructions for their use were given.