LC/MS characterization of flavonoids from leaves of Clerodendrum inerme L. cultivated in Iraq.


  • Humam Luay Qusay, Ibrahim S. Abbas, Fouad A.A. AL-Saady


LC/MS, Leaves, Flavonoids, Clerodendrum inerme.


Objective: The goal of this study was to determine the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of flavonoid compounds extracted from Clerodendrum inerme leaves cultivated in Iraq. Methods: The plant's leaves were obtained fromĀ AL-Musayyab area (south of Baghdad) where the species is well-known. 80% ethanol was used to extract powdered plant leaves. The extract was filtered before being dried using a rotary evaporator. Results: The peaks identified according to the order of their retention time were represented by the LC chromatogram obtained for the leaves extract of C. inerme. The flavonoids luteoline, hispudulin, vitexin, eupatilin, and baicalien have the greatest peaks among the main compounds. Conclusion: When compared to semi-arid places like south of Baghdad, the proportion of flavonoid compounds in Clerodendrum inerme leaves in our soil was determined to be satisfactory and just slightly lower than humid regions.