The State of the Economic Aspect of the Introduction of Digital Broadcasting in the Republic of Uzbekistan


  • Faziljanov I., Khamidov H., Foziljonov Kh., A. O. Mukhamedaminov


As President Sh. Mirziyoyev repeatedly noted in his speeches, one of the priority tasks for the consistent socio-economic development of Uzbekistan is the widespread introduction of ICT and digital technologies. It is digital technologies that are the effective tool that can ensure the qualitative reform of economic sectors and spheres of public life. One of the central places in the January Message of President Sh. Mirziyoyev to the Parliament and people of Uzbekistan in 2020 was given to issues of digital development. It is also symbolic that 2020 in Uzbekistan was declared the Year of the Development of Science, Education and the Digital Economy. It was during this period that the fundamental documents were adopted that laid the legal foundation for further digital reforms.This study analyzes the issues of digitization of radio broadcasting in Uzbekistan. First of all, the prospects of digitization will be considered, the technologies of digitization of radio broadcasting, world experience, recommended cases, practical work carried out in our country and future plans, as well as economic aspects of radio broadcasting will be discussed.