Video surveillance-based security system using Open CV and Arduino uno.


  • M. V. D. Prasad, N. Sai Kiran, Ch. Sumanth, T. V. V. R. N. Sri Harsha, S. K. Hasane Ahammad, K. Saikumar


The main purpose of this system is to keep your property inside it safer. Security system plays a major role in now a day to help protection from culprit, theft, and burglary incidents. We have already CCTV based security system, but it is not real-time because it records the activities and stored in database, owner get information after the unexpected situation happens. To overcome this problem many products have come into existence, but some are not good at cost efficient. Video surveillance-based security systems using OpenCV and Arduino uno were implemented for the effectiveness of motion capturing. Using this system will help to detect in real time and send alerts in the same period. It will keep protection from culprits, theft and burglary incidents, and it is also cost efficient. This system uses a model of Haar-Cascade coupled with background subtraction during the development stage. This system was tested in different situations to catch better accuracy results of motion identification. This system depends on the PIR sensor to trigger when it captures. From the results obtained, this video surveillance-based system has a detection rate 86%.