Identification of Social Issues Following the Corona Virus Pandemic in Korea:Topic Analysis and Ego Network Analysis of Public Health


  • Young-Chool Choi


In this study, we attempt to systematically analyse what kind of policy problems the Coronavirus pandemic has caused in Korea by using text-mining analysis and ego network analysis methods. For this purpose, academic papers included in the Korea Citation Index (KCI) managed by the National Research Foundation under the Ministry of Education in Korea were examined. As a result of the analysis, seven important topics were derived. These seven topics are issues that Korean health policy officials should give attention to in the futurewhen deciding on and implementing policies relating to Coronavirus. The topics included in the Health Ego Network are: Topic 1, Risk of information disclosure toconfirmed cases; Topic 2, Inmates’problems with facilities; Topic 3, Importance of information for the recovery of SMEs; Topic 4, Community life: the impact on health; Topic 5, Online education methods; Topic 6, Cooperative governance relating to health;and Topic 7, Importance of public health personnel.