Security in Internet of Things: A comprehensive review of Simulators, Emulators and Test-beds


  • Nilutpol Bora, Himanshu Nandanwar, Anamika Chauhan


IoT applications, security, Simulators, Emula- tors, Test-beds


The term Internet of Things is seen to be gaining more attention, thanks to the added convenience factor of automating tedious tasks, and much wider area of applications with the boom of internet-based services over the recent years. These IoT based systems market has seen tremendous growth whether it be end-to-end IoT services, or systems having an underlying IoT structure, due to its broad applicability. The IoT field being an amalgam of various other existing fields as wireless networks, network security, internet, related hardware, etc., making it challenging for researchers as they need to work both with the physical as well as soft aspect of it, even so with providing security to them. The evolving hardware components and related firmware, the researchers need to keep exploring better IoT solutions to cope with the pace of these advancements. However, any proposed solution needs to be verified, which can be exhausting when a single vulnerability to the solution can affect millions of interlinked devices. The researchers require a suitable environment for creating an efficient solution, simulation of the IoT network is one such viable approach that can help the researchers in deciding the more appropriate techniques, analyse the short comings of the network as well as improve the system more easily and effectively. This paper has presented a comprehensive review of various tools/frameworks for sim- ulations in the field of security for IoT (Internet of Things), highlighting the importance of simulations, for testing/ evaluating the researchers proposed studies, so as to help researchers enhance the understanding of IoT simulation tools to make an informed choice.