The Effect of A Threshold Loading Device on Respiratory Muscle Function for football Referees


  • Ryad Salam, Ammar Hamza Hadi


Football referees feel tired shortly after training or during match because the respiratory muscles of them are weakness in the work during the high physical effort;  this weakness varies during different long-term periods. The research aims to know the effect ofa threshold loading deviceon respiratory muscle function in football referees. The researchers used the experimental approach by designing one group for the research sample including(5) referees from Babylon clubs.. After the pre-tests, the group followed the trainingunits by using the threshold loading device for training respiratory muscle function, within a period that lasted (8) weeks; three training units per a week, so the total number of units reached (24) units with(30) minutes for each unit. After completing the training units, the post-tests were conducted on the group. The researchers concluded that the threshold loading device has an effect on the respiratory muscles function.