Stylistic and Technical Dimensions in the Frawings of the One Dimension Group


  • Assist. Lect. Abdulameer Razzaq Mugheer Sriseh, Assist. Prof. Dr. Israa Hameed Ali Hussein, Prof. Dr. Kadhim Murshid Dharb




The current research dealt with (the stylistic and technical dimensions in the drawings of the One Dimension Group) in an attempt to study the letter that was inspired by the Iraqi artist with all its conceptual and structural references by taking advantage of the characteristic of letters, unique and represented by their flexibility, ability and ability, to be wide areas for creating new artistic methods and formulas. Also, the characteristics of letters are their flexibility and response to the processes of elongation or rotation, ascending or descending, going vertically or horizontally, reducing and increasing, adopting a letter, or parts of a letter, or a group of letters or an entire word, or a group of words. These possibilities open to the Iraqi artist, prompted him to research, experiment and hard work,