Features of Feminist Criticism in Shafa Hadi's paintings


  • Amjad Abd Alkhadum Husain, Assist. Prof. Dr. Amal Hassen Ebrahim Al-gzaly




The present study represents a modest scientific effort to reveal the features of feminist criticism in plastic art through some artistic productions selected from the paintings of the Iraqi plastic artist Shafa Hadi. Section one presents the methodological framework. It indicates the aim of the present study in identifying the features of feminist criticism in the paintings of the artist Shafa Hadi clarifying the importance of the term feminist criticism and its most important features. Section two is subdivided into three subsections. The first tackles the feminist movement in the west, the second tackles environmental and cultural heritage of contemporary Iraqi plastic art, and the third discusses contemporary Iraqi women’s plastic art. Section three is devoted to presenting the research procedures, including the community that was represented in the paintings of the artist Shafa Hadi and the sample that consisted of five paintings. The researchers conducted the analysis and came out with results and conclusions and then recommendations and suggestions.