Representations of The Concept of Simulation in Classical Realism


  • Ghufran Muhammad Baqir Abdulameer Witwit, Assistant Professor, Amal Hassan Ibrahim Al-Ghazali,




The present study tackles the manifestations of the representations of the concept of simulation in the art of classical realism. The significance of the present study is due to the fact that it artistically and philosophically clarifies the concept of simulation and reveals representations of simulation in classical realism. The aim of the present study is to identify the representations of simulation in the art of classical realism. The concept of simulation is discussed as a metaphor in the first subsection of section one. The second subsection is devoted to presenting the realist school in European paintings. The research community consists of (120) paintings of classical realism by artists from France and America limited in terms of the time period (1840-1920). The two researchers used the descriptive analytical method and the indicators of the theoretical framework in analyzing the sample and reached results, among which were that in classical realism, simulation is simple with realistic direct and indirect social metaphors. Besides, simulation expresses interactive metaphors. The two researchers conclude that simple and accurate direct simulation is represented in classical realism through realistic social metaphors, as well as a simulation of the non-rigid or expendable substance represented by typical interactive metaphors. The researchers recommended several recommendations and suggested studies.