The unexpressed ideas in Contemporary Iraqi Paintings


  • Muhammad Madhi Hamza, Assistant Professor, Hadeel Hadi,


The abandoned expressions, contemporary Iraqi paintings, archeology, psychological studies.


The present study tackles representations of the unexpressed ideas in contemporary Iraqi paintings in order to identify the psychological, intellectual, and aesthetic concepts of the structure of the abandoned expressions in contemporary Iraqi paintings. The study is divided into four sections. Section one presents the methodological framework, including the research problem, the objectives,  the limits, and the definitions of the key terms. Section two presents the theoretical framework. It is subdivided into two subsections. The first subsection discusses  the psychological studies of the abandoned expressions. The second subsection is devoted to the structure of the abandoned expressions in the contemporary Iraqi formation and the indicators of the theoretical framework. Section three presents the research procedures in terms of limiting the research community. The descriptive approach of content analysis is adopted in the analysis of the research sample of (3) paintings. Section four is devoted to summing up the results, conclusions, recommendations, and suggestions.