The Effect of Special Exercises in Developing Sensory-Kinetic Perception and Passing Skill in Futsal Football for Young People


  • Nasser Ahmad Kamil, Dr. Mazin Abdulhedi Ahmed, Dr. Nagham Salih Nemaa


            The purpose of this paper isto preparing special exercises for the muscles of the legs for young futsal players, recognizing the effect of special exercises in developing some of the sensory-kinetic abilities of young football players (futsal),and recognize the effect of special exercises to develop the passing skill of young (futsal) football players.The research community was determined by the intentional method with the players of Naft Al-Wasat football club in Najaf Governorate, which numbered (25) players with goalkeepers, and (20) players were chosen randomly as a sample for research, and (5) players were selected as a sample for the exploratory experiment, where the percentage of The sample of the total population is (80%), the researcher identified the most important sensory-kinetic abilities, and special exercises were prepared, the aim of which is to develop the abilities of sensory-kinetic perception and develop the skill of scrolling, as these exercises were applied to the main section of the first training unit on The experimental research sample members on (Sunday) corresponding to (18/4/2021) on a sample of (10) players, the time allotted for special exercises ranged between (35-45) minutes for each training unit during (4) weeks at the rate of (2) training units per week The total of the training units is (8) training units, and after the researcher obtained the initial data through the application of the pre and post-tests, they were processed with the statistical bag (spss), and among the results that the researcher came out with, there is a positive effect of the special exercises in developing some cognitive abilities. Kinetic sense and passing skill for youth futsal players and the researcher recommends conducting similar studies on different samples.