Herbert Samuel’s Policy and Its Impact on Preparing for the Establishment of the Jewish National Home in Palestine 1920-1925


  • Ali Ibraheem Al-Bashayreh


This study aims at highlighting the policy followed by Herbert Samuel in Palestine as one of the most important British Jewish leaders who played an important role in establishingthe national homeland for the Jewish in Palestine, and as the first high commissioner for Britain in Palestine during the period (1920 - 1925) and the effect of this policy in paving the road for the suitable conditions to establish the national home for the Jews in Palestine whichis seen through Herbert Samuel's early interest of Palestine during the period (1914-1915), and the laws which he used in different aspects during his rule in Palestine that went side by side with the British policy in Palestine and focused on two main things: opening the door for immigration to Palestine and enabling them to own the land there in preparation for the establishment of the Jewish national home in Palestine.