The Effect of Compound Exercises According to the Anaerobic Load on the Development of Some Blood Electrolytes for Youth Futsal Players


  • Alaa Hussein Hashem, Dr. Sadiq Youssef Al Khafaji


            The purpose of this paper isto identify the effect of the use of compound exercises on some blood electrolytes of young futsal players. The researcher used the experimental method to suit the nature of the problem that she wants to study by using the experimental design with two equal groups, the experimental group and the control group. The researcher chose a sample of her research in a deliberate way, as the research community consists of the players of the Specialized Training Center for Youth Futsal in Thi-Qar Governorate, and their number is approximately (15) players.One of the most important results reached by the researcher is that: Compound exercises according to the anaerobic load were prepared in a scientific way and interspersed with diversification and planning, which led to the development of research variables for players without reaching the stage of stress, and there was a direct effect of the compound exercises used on blood electrolyte ratios as a result of the body’s exposure to physical effort that led to its loss of fluids, as these exercises were represented by the speed of performance.One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researchers is that : The researcher adopted compound exercises according to the anaerobic load in its various forms similar to playing in line with the skill and physical performance of the futsal players and paying attention to physiological measurements when applying exercises, as they are the criterion that expresses the extent to which all functional devices are adapted through codifying the exercises used in a way that suits the players’ physical and age capabilities.