Cross Sectional Analysis of Effect of Mechanical Low Back Pain on Stress, Anxiety and Depression among Housewives


  • Shubham Gupta, Dr. Himanshu Koshle, Dr. Shahiduz Zafar


Background:  mechanical low back pain seems not to be effective on stress , anxiety and depression among housewives of age between 18-40 years due to acute or subacute low back pain.

Purpose:- The purpose of the study was to evaluate the Effect of mechanical low back pain on stress , anxiety and depression among housewives

Materials and methods:A sample of 124 housewives aged 18-45 years was selected. The DASS (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale) and Oswestry Disability Index were given to the housewives relative to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Result:- The data revealed that Depression, Anxiety, and Stress has no effect due to mechanical low back pain as the Oswestry Disability Index data revealed that more than half of the housewives ( aged 18-40 years) had acute and sub-acute mechanical LBP which does not limit the day- to day activities as chronic pain does which may further cause the effect on psychological factors.

Correlation analysis showed that the effect on psychological factors due to LBP has non-significant

Conclusion:- According to the Analysis, there was highly mild or moderate low back pain. furthermore, there was a non-significant effect on stress, anxiety, and depression due to mechanical low back pain among housewives of age group (18-40) years due to acute or sub-acute low back pain.