A Comprehensive Discussion on Effective Management in Education


  • Lakshminarayana K, Irfan Abdul Karim Shaikh, Mohammed Buhari Saleem P, Preeti Sharma, Randhir Singh Johar, Sumitha K


Educational resources, primary education, teacher, student, management


The link between the utilisation of resources and the satisfying of demands is vital in their ultimate evaluation and appraisal in recent studies on the efficiency of the learning process. It should take into consideration, at each level of the educational process, the link between resources and needs, undertaking techniques for mutual accommodation and balance, based on the teacher's managerial standing in the classroom. Without abandoning the psychopedagogical perspective, the teacher must also address management methods in the student class, making the most of available resources by devising solutions for their management and usage. Because of a lack of expertise, control, and exploitation in the classroom of kids, class teacher failures are the result. Teaching staff performance in the classroom may be described as a ratio between results achieved and resources provided. Educational resources, which include instructional materials and means, must be used effectively to create an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning activities that are centered on the student's feelings, attitudes, as well as his or her knowledge.