Trends and Challenges of Management Education in India


  • Sankara Moorthy K, Kannan P, Barkavi.G.E, Arun Kumar Singh, Someshwar Siddi, Sangameshwaran S


Management Education, B-Schools, Regulatory Framework, B-School


There is a distinct dilemma of relevance in management education throughout the world. It's imperative that every facet of business schooling be scrutinized, from the caliber of aspiring MBAs to curriculum to business research to the quality of research publications to the industry-institute interface. This includes everything from management training to faculty development to job placements to compensation packages for B-school graduates. B-schools in India are not immune to the demands of international management education. In fact, Indian business schools are beset by a slew of problems, including an overabundance of business schools, a dearth of qualified professors, inadequate regulation, and a lack of transparency and accountability. These findings shed light on how B-schools might be revitalized to the advantage of all stakeholders in India's expanding management education landscape.