Frequency of Tall Columnar Cell Changes in Breast Biopsies: A Retrospective Study


  • Shokouh Taghipour Zahir, Amirhossein Kheirandish, Mohammad Hesam Gharaeikhezri, Zahra Shojaei


Introduction:Due to the high prevalence of breast cancer in Iran and due to the fact that the biological significance of tall columnar cell changes that are commonly seen in breast biopsies is unknown and also studies on tall columnar cell changes in breast malignancies have been few, in this study, we decided to investigate the cases of tall columnar cell changes in breast biopsies.

Materials and methods:The study wasan analytical cross-sectional.The sampling method was census method and 514 women who underwent breast biopsy, were included in the study.The data collection tool was a pre-prepared checklist that included: age, Pathology type, breast involved and lesion volume.Thecollected data were entered into SPSS version 22, using statistical tests were analyzed.

Result:108 tall columnar cell changes were found in breast biopsy specimens; In fact, the prevalence of tall columnar cell changes in our study was 21%. The mean age of patients was 42.16±11.74years.48.1% of patients had right breast involvement and 51.9% had left breast involvement.Regarding the frequency distribution of pathology in patients, 61.1% had simple cellular change, 27.8% had atypia without hyperplasia and 11.1% had hyperplasia without atypia.There was no statistically significant difference between the frequency distribution of pathology type according to involved breast (p = 0.501), age (p = 0.531) and lesion volume (p = 0.205).

Conclusion: According to results, can be concluded that simple cellular change is the most common type of tall columnar cell changes in breast biopsies and none of the variables of age, lesion volume and breast involved affect the frequency of tall columnar cell changes.