Universal Device for Measuring and Determination of Parameters of Passive and Active Radio Electronic Elements and Code Signals ALSC


  • Sodiqjon Khalikov


The development of a measuring device that has many functions and simultaneously performs different tasks leads to a reduction in precious time, allows the continuity of research, energy saving in application, efficiency in solving, ready-made dead reckoning results and other useful actions. The differences between such devices from others are that they are reprogrammable, allowing improvement in the applied directions and industry. Such universal devices are used in specialized branches of technology, which require testing and finding inoperative assemblies of elements and devices. Modernization of the transistor tester according to the program and schematic methods made it possible to determine the units of measurement and pinout of active and passive elements, measure the DC voltage, the frequency of conventional signals and pulse-width modulation signals, supply pulse signals, check and determine contactlessly about the state of the railway auto-blocking sections by automatic locomotive signaling (ALS), i.e. code signals ALS block of railway track sections. Sometimes, incorrect connection of the device to the measured objects will damage this device. To eliminate or protect such actions in advance, elements and protection circuits are installed against short circuits, high currents, and over-limit voltages. In such cases, the device goes over to quick self-defense.