Analysis of Trade and Operational Efficiency of Ports in India


  • U. Ilayarasan, Dr. K. Jayaraman


            This study is an attempt to assess and evaluate the operational efficiency of Major Ports in India. A comparison Indian Major Ports to that of the Minor ports is taken into consideration. Various indicators are taken into account while evaluating the ports. Sea ports are a key system which prompts export improvement and financial advancement. As per the Review of Maritime Transport 2019, the responsibility of non-industrial nations towards the international trade is around 40%. India is in the sixteenth position for its maritime system. Nevertheless, India's seaport execution is well underneath the benchmark of international proficiency. Subsequently, ports have to work with the operational efficiency and it has to be analysed. As per the results among thirteen major ports, seven ports execution is apparently extending yet inefficient with their present system and various ports are profitable ports. Hence the ideal utilization of the system is needed for economic advancement of the nation.