Effect of Recombinant HCG Administration in Follicular Phase on Clinical Pregnancy Rate in Frozen Cycles of Infertile Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial


  • Ashraf Aleyassin, Marzieh Aghahosseini, Mahshad Forati Kashani


OBJECTIVE: Assessment of recombinant HCG hormone in follicular phase on clinical fertility rate among freeze cycles of 262 infertile women

DESIGN:Prospective, Randomized clinical trial with parallel design

SETTING: Tehran, Omid infertility center

PATIENT(S): 131 infertile women with normal endometer thickness in each group

INTERVENTION(S): Injection of 125 IUrecombinant HCG subcutaneously from 8th day of their period for seven days

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Implantation and Clinical pregnancy rate, Live birth rate

RESULTS: 262 patientsparticipated in this study, 131 in the control group and 131in the HCGgroup.There was no statistically significant difference between groups regarding basic characteristics. There were no statistically significant differences between groups in implantation (18.2% vs 12.6%), chemical pregnancy(42 %vs 32.8%), clinical pregnancy(38.9% vs 28.2%), ongoing pregnancy(32.8% vs 22.1%), and live birth rate (32.1% vs21.4%) in HCG and control group respectively.

CONCLUSION:HCG in follicular phase can increase chemical, clinical, ongoing, and live birth rate, although our finding was not statistically significant, but clinically important and significant.