Significance of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility in India's Financial Services Sector, with Special Reference to the Banking Sector


  • Dr. Mayanka Sharma


The Financial Services Sector Is An Important Supporter Of Monetary Development In Any Country, And It Plays A Particularly Important Role In Developing Countries. However, The Financial Sector Has A Big Impact On Emerging Economies, Such As India, Which Is Regularly Presented With Enormous Legal, Administrative, And Social Challenges. One Of The Latest Measures By The Indian Government To Demonetise Is To Eliminate Illegal Cash Transactions And Check On Unexplained Wellsprings Of Abundance Gathered In The Hands Of A Few. With The Government Of India's Decision To Implement Demonetisation, Banks And Financial Institutions In India Saw A Growing Need To Establish Effective Corporate Governance And Social Responsibility, As Banks And Financial Institutions Must Ensure That The Demonetisation Targets Are Met Through Their Efforts.