Energy Efficient Data Transmission using Relay Node for Mobile Ad hoc Network


  • K. Thamizhmaran, Dr. A. Charles


Today most of young researchers focused infrastructure less network called MANET that mobile nodes communicate in the emergency world through wireless link with all the nodes acts as transmitter, receiver and router, this self configured network having some issues to degrade network performance like traffic, delay, energy, security attacks, etc.,. In this article our new technique called Energy Efficient based Relay Node Selection Randomly (EE-RNSR) for MANET specially designed energy issue compare to existing routing protocols because of when solve energy problem automatically network lifetime will be increased when node life increased automatically delivery ratio and also throughput will be increased due to reduces of energy utilization, so here we discussed some of valuable research work they conclude the importance of energy efficient. This work outcome tested with various parameters using one of leading simulation model called Network Simulator (NS2).