The Use of Innovative Methods in Foreign Language Teaching and Their Importance in Language Learning


  • Makhmudova Nilufar Murotovna, Turdikulova Rayxon Turdikul-Kizi, Tashpulatova Feruza Sultanovna, Khamrakulova Barchinoy Abdurahmatovna


The article deals with pedagogical and methodological features of teaching foreign languages. The article reviews innovative methods of foreign languages teaching and different techniques used in the teaching process. Actual materials reflect the history of pedagogy since ancient times to its modern state. Extracts from the works of Russian and foreign specialists let us know the main trends of development, the formation of new directions in the methodology of foreign languages teaching. The main goal is to introduce innovative methodological techniques. It has been proven that traditional studies directed only to the transfer and maintenance of knowledge, skills and abilities, and do not demonstrate adequate performance. Modern language education aimed at the formation of a multicultural identity, with the skills of self-analysis and systematization of new knowledge. For this purpose, used competence and culturological approaches. Information and computer technology can improve efficiency and create the conditions for self-study. Innovative methods is an integral part of the modernization of the whole system. Teachers should familiarize themselves with the most progressive approaches and later combine them and use in work.