Structural and Semantic Features of Pedagogical Terms in English and Uzbek


  • Muhammadjonova Nilufar Ibrohimovna, Turdaliyeva Durdona Adhamovna, Yusupova Shaxnoza Axrolqizi, Mirodilova Nargiza Mirvaliyevna


, the formation of young people as highly spiritual, always independent in public and political life, as a person with professional skills is the most important issue that determines the present and future of our country. Personality development is a broad concept that includes issues of direct education and upbringing. The history of pedagogy has studied the development of educational schools and pedagogical theories in various historical periods from ancient times to the present day. He revealed the limited historical nature of the theory and practice of education in a class society, the historical laws in the development of the theory and practice of education, the struggle of reactionary theories of progressive pedagogical theories. It is impossible to solve the problem of educating young people in the spirit of independence in today's society without knowing how the theory and practice of educating the younger generation has developed in the past.