Local Wisdom in Karo Society, Indonesia, towards Sinabung Eruption: the Adopted and Ignored Aspects


  • Liyushiana, Robert Sibarani, Agus Purwoko, Emrizal


The end of the Sinabung Volcano eruption in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia, which began in 2010, remains unpredictable. Therefore, analyzing local wisdom concerning disasters in Karo Regency, which is related to the phases in sustainable disaster management, is necessary. This study aimed to reveal the aspects of local wisdom in Karo that are concerned with the preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery phases of disaster management, as well as those that are adopted and believed in. The results showed that the kinship system, jambur, runggu, work year, customary leadership system, and several traditional philosophies are still held by the Karo society and implemented at the stages of disaster management. However, some local wisdom, such as traditional houses, village forests, and their spatial arrangements, alongside some myth-based ritual ceremonies are starting to be abandoned. Finally, the integration of local wisdom was revealed capable of facilitating disaster management, especially to avoid the potential risk of conflicts.